The Chadao Heritage Trail

I am starting a project--'The Chadao Heritage Trail'--that I hope will promote a greater awareness of 'The Way of Tea' during the Tang Dynasty before it became 'Chado' in Japan.

There just isn't enough material available in English, thus the urgent need to compile, translate and edit textual sources and compile oral histories.

I have read some interesting material in Chinese on chadao emerging in Chan monasteries at Mt. Emei in Sichuan. A lineage of tea masters apparently began in 845 C.E., with the Chan Buddhist Dharma Master Chang Fu (昌福禅师) and it is a lineage, however fragmented or broken, that continues to this day.

Any information in Chinese and English on chadao, articles, dissertations, etc, with the emergence of Chan Buddhism in the monasteries in China circa eighth century and perhaps much earlier, would be greatly appreciate.

I am also looking for a sponsor or short-term residency for up to six months so I can focus entirely on the project.

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