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Gurdwara Revisited

酷 kù (Cool)


您的房卡已经续好了 (Your hotel card has been extended)

South of the Clouds

我们有缘 (We were destined to meet)

许个愿 (Make a wish)

不好意思 (Excuse me; sorry)

我是无事不登三宝殿 ('If I did not have any business, I would not enter the Three Jewels Palace’)

系 (jì) vs. 系 (xì)

我是信佛 (I am a Buddhist)

拉, 弹, 吹, 打 (play, play, play, play)

你的中文不赖 (Your Chinese is good)

Otuya Okecha

我在溜狗 (I'm walking the dog)

Thinking About Death on a Summer’s Day

我不会唱歌,一唱就走调 (I can’t sing, as soon as I sing…..)

我怕...(I'm afraid of ….)

你属什么呢? (What zodiac sign are you?)

我的卡被机器吞了(The machine ate my card)