Otuya Okecha

Otuya Okecha is a business solutions/development manager and author.
His books include "Uncaged in 7 Seasons" co-authored with Akin Awojope and "King Soloman's Spiritual Secret of Success."

Okecha's mission:

Do not be a man that does not want to move from one position to
another,but be a man with a mission and a vision that will be accountable for your self-actualization.

Okecha is also a proflic poet. Here is one of my favourite poems:

A Lovebird’s Nest

Nights spent and went
encapsulated by love-
the emotional event
Rhythm and rhyme
spoke for us
The music of time
to hearts by bus
the journey we made
another cascade
of memories so sweet
two figures moving to the beat
with the moon light to spare
those times we used to care
secrets came in trickles
and squabbles like drizzles
o'er and o'er again
still love outwits pain
we remain both in the game
two doves with different wings
the bond, still the same.

Some of the most accomplished authors and poets are also daytime corporate dogs. Revisiting Okecha's work is a salutary reminder that anyone can excel in a number of fields or endeavours.

You can read Okecha's bio and more of his poetry at:


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