The Language Adventures of René in China

I'm delighted to announce my soon to be published e-book "The Language Adventures of René in China."

It's a text that explains a number of greetings, common expressions, not to mention other speech acts in standard Chinese that will allow the foreign learner to understand the language better.

I've poured myself into it. I wrote, tweaked and adjusted it 'til I got it just right. In the process, I've written three volumes spanning a period of almost a decade. They're the kinds of texts I wish I had as a companion to my grammar books when I first started to formally study the language at university in Australia.

Each volume is about 80 pages and not only includes expressions and greetings, but a bounty of sociolinguistic information on the Chinese language rarely covered in textbooks. Volume I is for beginners, but the text will be informative and enlightening for immediate and advanced learners of standard Chinese as well.

Here's one testimonial from Nathalie Lussier in Canada:

"Peter's book is a great overview of Mandarin Chinese, and includes pinyin, characters, and translations. It's a book I wish I had before I traveled to China. What I especially like about Peter's book is that he gives us the most up to date insider Chinese expressions that most textbooks couldn't even dream of including. After reading this book you'll know why certain Chinese sentences are used, and what they really mean. You'll also get a feel for some of the background 'reasons-why' of expressions, and that in itself is great for us outsiders (laowai) wanting to really understand the Chinese culture. I've taken formal Chinese lessons and still learned a lot from Peter's book, most notably the localized sentences that I would never had learned had I not spent 4 months in China. I highly recommend this resource for anyone wanting to approach Mandarin Chinese and China with confidence and understanding." -

Nathalie Lussier, Canada,

All three volumes will be selling for USD$20. Please feel free to contact me at my e-mail address to place an order:

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