Keeping Faith with the Creative Process

The title is taken from a piece by Emily Hanlon on one of my favourite topics: the creative process. It's a short piece, but its power is in its brevity.

After reading the piece, I was reminded of a quote I stumbled across some time back by the writer Arundhati Roy:

'Painters, writers, singers, actors, dancers, filmmakers, musicians—they are meant to fly, to push at the frontiers, to worry the edges of human imagination, to conjure beauty from the most unexpected things, to find magic in places where others never thought to look. If you limit the trajectory of their flight, if you weight their wings with society’s existing notions of morality and responsibility, if you truss them up with preconceived ideas, you subvert their endeavour.'[1]

[1] ‘The ladies have feelings, so…’ in Arundhati Roy The Algebra of Infinite Justice, London: Flamingo, 2002, p. 170.

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