Jue Music +Art

The Jue Festival is on this month in Beijing and Shanghai.

What is Jue Music + Art?

The following is taken from their cool website:

'JUE MUSIC ART has arrived: a celebration of the alternative, creative and progressive arts in Shanghai and Beijing. With no branding, no restrictions and no agenda, Jue is an excuse to leave your hidey-hole and experience a punk show, an art installation, and everything in between. Working with our friends at local galleries and record labels, as well as in the international music community, Split Works has knitted together a diverse mix of visual arts exhibitions and live shows happening at venues across Beijing and Shanghai. Our goal is to bring a bit of colour to this grey season, and bring community together in appreciation the best of the blossoming arts scenes in these two cities. We hope that Jue 2009 is the start of an annual tradition; something that attracts artists and musicians to China in years to come, and stimulates local creative communities to present their work and have it promoted to a wider audience. So bundle up and get to it!'

For program info, samples of music and art, visit: http://www.juefestival.com/

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