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Two new books, one published this year, the other coming out in early February 2009, should be of interest to many readers.

1. The Last of China's Literati: The Music, Poetry and Life of Tsar Teh-yun, Hong Kong University Press, 2008.

Here are two brief reviews from

'In this unassuming biography of a master qin musician, the author (himself a pre-eminent scholar in Chinese musicology) gives a heart-warming portrait of Tsar Teh-yun, who was a living legend in Hong Kong. It is also evocative of a fading world of literary arts in China, which makes this little book even more precious.'– Leo Ou-fan Lee, Professor of Humanities, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

'Bell Yung's qin teacher, Tsar Teh-yun, was not only a musician but also a poet, calligrapher, and painter, as befitted a woman the author calls 'the last of China's literati.' Yung's moving homage deserves a wide readership for its insights into the complex dimensions of traditional elite culture in a life well lived.' – Evelyn Rawski, University Professor, Department of History, University of Pittsburgh.

2. Lives in Chinese Music, edited by Helen Rees, University of Illinois Press, (February 2009)

For details of the book visit:

I'm one of the contributors in this fine collection of essays. My piece is titled 'Gathering A Nation's Music: A Life of Yang Yinliu.'

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